PAROX 2000 Plus

The paramagnetic oxygen analyser

The PAROX2000 Plus is a very accurate measuring instrument for continuous oxygen measurement based on the PAROX 1200 sensor thermostatted at 55°C. Suitable for precise continuous measurement of oxygen combined with user-friendly and parameterisable auto-calibration functions.

Analysator casing options

Parox 2000Plus

19" Rack version

 19" 3 HU rack with or without 
gasfilter and flow indication on the front (Option). One- or twochannel version  (MULTI 2000Plus). 
WxHxD: 482 x 133 x 245 mm 
IP protection: 20 

Parox 2000Plus

19" Rack with table housing

  19" 3 HU tablehousing with or without 
gasfilter and flow indication on the front (Option). One- or twochannel version
(MULTI 2000Plus). 
WxHxD: 500 x 143 x 260 mm 
IP protection: 52

Parox 2100Plus

1/2 19" Portable model

 1/2 19" Portable model, optionally with filter on the back. 
WxHxD: 235 x 155 x 280 mm
IP protection: 52 

Parox 2200Plus

wall mounted analyser 

Rittal cabinet for one- or twochannel version (MULTI 2200Plus)
WxHxD: 380 x 410 x 210 mm 
IP protection: 52 

Artikel Spezifikation Parox Analysator

Your Analyser can be configured according to your needs using the options available on the right.
Special designs are possible on request.


🔘 without gaspump
🔘 with integrated gaspump

Measuring range

🔘 0 - 25 % O2
🔘 0 - 100% O2
🔘 0 - x % O2 (on request)
🔘 x - 100 % O2 (on request) 

Flow measurement 

🔘 without 
🔘 Rotameter on the front
🔘 Electronic flow measurement with display and alarm


🔘 Viton


🔘 4/6mm PVDF
🔘 Stainless steel screw connection

Pressure compensation

🔘no pressure compensation
🔘electronic pressure compensation
🔘barometric pressure compensation with integrated pressure regulator
🔘Compensated with external pressure input ( pressure sensor not included)

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