About us 

Efficiency with high benefit-cost ratio is our goal

Founded  in 2020 as a spin-off of a longtime market leader for gas measurement technology in Switzerland, FoxSense Company has set itself the goal of further developing the since more than 30 years established international business of paramagnetic oxygen measurement and bringing it even closer to the needs of the customers.

FoxSense (created from FaberOxygenSensoring) has the cubic Fox symbol which stands for the charasteristic cubic format of the sensors, which are wellknown under the brandname PAROX and symbolizes the clever fox with the fine nose, in other words, for the excellent and accurate sensor technology.

We are a team of specialists, working together with highly specialized suppliers and universities at the cutting-edge technology.
Therefore, we can offer you an efficient and flexible measurement method with a high benefit-cost ratio.

Picture: De Renert (Statue in Luxembourg)