Paramagnetic oxygen sensors for % measuring

PAROX, the established art of efficent paramagnetic oxygen measuring

PAROX 1200 
The paramagnetic O2 sensor

Paramagnetic oxygen sensor are designed for installation in gas analysers or other systems equipped with microprocessors, PC or PLC controls, In addition to a compact design and high quality standard, the paramagnetic O2 sensors offers a number of advantages

  • practically no cross sensitivities to other gases
  • wear-free operation 
  • long lifetime

PAROX 2000 Plus
The oxygen analyser

The PAROX2000 Plus is a very accurate measuring instrument for continuous oxygen measurement based on the PAROX 1200 sensor thermostatted at 55°C. Suitable for precise continuous measurement of oxygen combined with user-friendly and parameterisable auto-calibration functions.

MULTi 2000 Plus
The 2 componet analyser

The MULTI2000 Plus can be designed either as a 1- or 2- component unit and in various housing variants. In the biogas sector, the gases methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) are often of interest. The MULTi2000 Plus is a precise gas analyser for continuous measurement of the above components.

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