Fields of application

The paramagnetic oxygen sensors are as many-sided as you are: 

Typical applications for Parox 1200

  • Excess oxygen analysis in all types of combustion systems
  • Room air monitoring for personnel and product safety
  • Monitoring oxygen content in fermentation vessels, biochemical fermenters and sewer gases
  • Monitoring atmosphere in fruit stores and hot-houses 
  • Process analysis for continuous monitoring of required and/or allowable oxygen content
  • Monitoring of low-temperature and combustion gases
  • Monitoring automotive exhaust and internal combustion engines
  • Monitoring blanket gases
  • Monitoring tunnel and duct air quality
  • Excess oxygen anlysis in controlled atmospheres for systems or packaging in food industry
  • Monitoring biological and waste gas content
  • Excess oxygen monitoring in processes
  • Monitoring oxygen in animal facility
  • Monitoring oxygen in training simulator
  • Excess oxygen in glazing industry
  • etc.

What is your field of application ?

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